Break through your
proof-of-concept logjam!

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The story is not new, but it is still frustrating when it happens. Management asks for more real-time data. Your team creates an amazing proof-of-concept. One more review and your solution moves forward.

Then it gets sidelined, and feedback is unclear but it is security-related. Too much? Not enough? Too complicated? With the current network infrastructure and IT department, you know your solution is solid. How to solve this riddle?

In this white paper, Chris Munch, C-Labs CEO, shows how the C-DEngine will make a difference for your solution:

  • How C-DEngine connects multiple network nodes in a secure, high-performance virtual mesh.

  • How C-DEngine automatically relays messages across a mesh to easily bridge multiple subnets and multiple firewalls.

  • How C-DEngine solves complex proxy requirements.

  • How C-DEngine's message-based approach enables multi-platform, distributed apps.

  • How C-DEngine works in an edge-only solution, a cloud-only solution, or with both cloud and edge.


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