C-DEngine 5.105

TheBaseEngine..::..GetPluginResource Method

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Public method GetPluginResource(TheRequestData)
Loads a Resource from the Relay. Load Order: This method is adding a /L{LCID} to the resource if the requesting User has set a different LCID then zero (Browser Default) 1 - ClientBin Folder under Executable Folder 2 - Embedded Resources of Plug-in/Engine 3 - ClientBin Folder with no /L{LCID} 4 - Embedded Resources of Plug-in/Engine without L{LCID} The method also adds sets the ResponseMimeType on TheRequestData for js, css, html and pngs If the requested resource is an HTML File and it cannot be located, the method returns a "Resource not found" error in the ResponseBuffer AllowStatePush will be set to true and StatusCode will be set to 200.
Public method GetPluginResource(String)
Retrieves an embedded Resource from the plugin by name.