C-DEngine 5.105

TheBaseEngine Members

The TheBaseEngine type exposes the following members.


  Name Description
Public method TheBaseEngine
The constructor initializes important internal variables and lists


  Name Description
Public method AddCapability
Adds a capability to the Engine V4: You can send Discovery Messages across a mesh to find nodes with certain Plugins and capabilities
Public method AddManifestFiles
Adds a list of all required DLLs and other files that need to be present for the plugin to work The Plugin-Store will combine all the files when it creates the installer package
Public method AddPlatforms
Adds a list of supported platforms
Public method AddUrl Obsolete.
RETIRED IN V4: No more channels
Public method CloneBase
Clonse an incoming object into this object
(Inherited from TheDataBase.)
Public method CloneTo
Clones the metadata of the current class to a new class provided to the method
(Inherited from TheMetaDataBase.)
Public method Equals(System.Object) (Inherited from Object.)
Protected method Finalize (Inherited from Object.)
Public method FireEvent(String, Object, Boolean)
Fires an event with the given name
Public method FireEvent(String, TheProcessMessage, Boolean, Int32)
Fire an Event on a property
(Inherited from TheDataBase.)
Public method GetBaseEngine
Returns this BaseEngine
Public method GetBaseThing
Returns MyBaseThing of TheBaseEngine
Public method GetCDEMinVersion
Gets the minimal required Version of the C-DEngine
Public method GetCommunicationCosts
Returns the cost of the Engine Communication in C-Credits
Public method GetDashboard
Gets the main Dashboard of TheBaseEngine
Public method GetDashboardGuid
Gest the Guid of the Dashboard of TheBaseEngine
Public method GetDeviceTypes
Returns a list of TheDeviceTypeInfos of this plugin
Public method GetEngineID
Returns the Plugin GUID of TheBaseEngine
Public method GetEngineName
Gets the Name of TheBaseEngine - used for the ENG parameter TSM and corresponding subscriptions
Public method GetEngineState
Returns the current Engine State
Public method GetFirstNode
Returns the Service Node ID if set. This only applies to Non-Service Plugins (i.e. StorageService Client)
Public method GetFriendlyName
Gets the Friendly Name of TheBaseEngine
Public method GetHashCode (Inherited from Object.)
Public method GetISOLater
Returns the ISOlater (Isolation Manager)
Public method GetPluginInfo
Returns ThePluginInfo of TheBaseEngine
Public method GetPluginResource(TheRequestData)
Loads a Resource from the Relay. Load Order: This method is adding a /L{LCID} to the resource if the requesting User has set a different LCID then zero (Browser Default) 1 - ClientBin Folder under Executable Folder 2 - Embedded Resources of Plug-in/Engine 3 - ClientBin Folder with no /L{LCID} 4 - Embedded Resources of Plug-in/Engine without L{LCID} The method also adds sets the ResponseMimeType on TheRequestData for js, css, html and pngs If the requested resource is an HTML File and it cannot be located, the method returns a "Resource not found" error in the ResponseBuffer AllowStatePush will be set to true and StatusCode will be set to 200.
Public method GetPluginResource(String)
Retrieves an embedded Resource from the plugin by name.
Public method GetThingInterface
Return the ICDEThing interface of TheBaseThing
Public method GetType (Inherited from Object.)
Public method GetVersion
Returns the Version of TheBaseEngine
Public method HasCapability
TheBaseEngine can be asked if a certain Capability is supported by the it
Public method HasChannels
RETIRED IN V4: returns always FALSE
Public method InitAndSubscribe
Sends CDE_INITIALIZE to the Service Node. Only for "Client" Engines
Public method IsEventRegistered
Returns true if the requested eThingEvents has registered callbacks
(Inherited from TheDataBase.)
Protected method MemberwiseClone (Inherited from Object.)
Public method MessageProcessed
Fires the eventMessageProcess to all listeners
Public method NotifyMirror
If called from a derived class and the class was stored in a StorageMirror, this method will call the "NotifyOfUpdate" method in the StorageMirror to inform all Notification Clients that this record has changed. This is VERY Expensive! Do not call too often! This does not work with StorageMirrors that require a PostSalt (unique table name)
(Inherited from TheDataBase.)
Protected method OnPropertyChanged (Inherited from TheBindableBase.)
Public method ProcessInitialized
A service/engine has to call this method when Init() is done and the service/engine is ready to get to work.
Public method ProcessMessage(TSM)
Incoming Publish Notification from Service Handled on the Client
Public method ProcessMessage(TSM, Action<(Of <<'(TSM>)>>))
Incoming Publish Notification from Service Handled on the Client
Public method ProcessMessage(TheProcessMessage)
Incoming Publish Notification from Service Handled on the Client
Public method PublishToChannels
Publishes a TSM to the Active Channel
Public method RegisterCSS
Registers a CSS File with the Engine
Public method RegisterEvent(String, Action<(Of <<'(ICDEThing, Object>)>>))
Register a callback with an event of TheBaseEngine
Public method RegisterEvent(String, Action<(Of <<'(Object, TheProcessMessage>)>>))
Register a callback that will be fired on a Property Event
(Inherited from TheDataBase.)
Public method RegisterEvent2
Register a callback that will be fired on a Property Event
(Inherited from TheDataBase.)
Public method RegisterJSEngine
Registers a JavaScript Engine with the HttpService. The JavaScript File must have the same name as returned by "GetEngineName()"
Public method ReplyInitialized
If a service/engine gets a call to Initialize, it can reply to the sender that is has been initialized.
Public method ResetChannel Obsolete.
RETIRED IN V4: No more channels
Public method ResurectChannels Obsolete.
RETIRED IN V4: No more channels
Public method SetCDEMinVersion
Sets the minimal required version of the C-DEngine for TheBaseEngine
Public method SetDashboard
Sets the main Dashboard of TheBaseEngine
Public method SetDeviceTypes
Declares a list of DeviceTypes for this plugins
Public method SetEngineID
Sets the EngineID Of TheBaseEngine - this is required by the system. By default, the Engine will also use this Guid for its main Dashboard ID
Public method SetEngineName
Sets the Engine and ClassName of TheBaseEngine.. Recommended is to use "GetType().FullName" Subscriptions for TheBaseEngine will use this name
Public method SetEngineReadiness
Call this method to set the station readiness. It will be called by the system automatically once a channel is up and running
Public method SetEngineService
Sets TheBaseEngine as a Service (will be Added to the StationRoles)
Public method SetEngineType
Sets the .NET Type of TheBase Engine. Use "GetType()"
Public method SetFriendlyName
Sets the Friendly Name of TheBaseEngine
Public method SetInitialized
Call this Method to tell the C-DEngine and "EngineInitialized" registrars that the service has been successfully initialized The Event is fired synchronous and fires BEFORE the EngineState.IsInitialized is set to true. This allows event recceivers to check if the Engine has been initialized before
Public method SetIsInitializing
Is set when TheBaseEngine is initializing
Public method SetIsLicensed
Plug-in call this from their InitEngineAssets() method to indicate that they require an activated license
Public method SetIsMiniRelay
Defines TheBaseEngine as a Mini Relay (Pub/Sub Relaying Only - no Application Code)
Public method SetIsolationFlags
Sets the Isolation flags
Public method SetMultiChannel Obsolete.
RETIRED IN V4: All Engines now NOT MultiChannel
Public method SetNewVersion
If a new Version was found it can be set here
Public method SetPluginInfo
Sets the Information of the Plugin
Protected method SetProperty``1 (Inherited from TheBindableBase.)
Public method SetStatusLevel
Sets the Statuslevel of TheBaseEngine to a new level If you use -1, the StatusLevel is calculated from all the Things TheBaseEngine is managing
Public method SetVersion
Sets the Version of TheBaseEngine
Public method StartEngine
This is the main start routine for the engine. Depending on pURLS and the way the Engine is configured a channel is opened to the first URL in the pURLs
Public method StopEngine
Stops all channels and than the engine Removes all channels from the list - should not be used to stop a particular channel
Public method Subscribe
Sends a CDE-SUBSCRIBE telegram to the Active Channel of this engine
Public method ToString
Returns a friendly view of the current Engine State
Public method UnregisterEvent(String, Action<(Of <<'(ICDEThing, Object>)>>))
Unregisters the call back with an event. If the callback is null, all callbacks of the event will be removed
Public method UnregisterEvent(String, Action<(Of <<'(Object, TheProcessMessage>)>>))
Unregister a previously registered callback
(Inherited from TheDataBase.)
Public method UnregisterEvent2
Unregister a previously registered callback
(Inherited from TheDataBase.)
Public method Static member UnregisterStorageReadiness
Unregister the StorageReadiness callbacks
Public method UpdateCosting
Fires the "CostingWasUpdated" event to add new credits to a TSM
Public method UpdateEngineScope Obsolete.
RETIRED IN V4: QSender can have different scopes
Public method UpdateEngineState
Updates all list-properties of Service State with the current values
Public method Static member WaitForEnginesStarted
Fires when all Engines are Started
Public method Static member WaitForEnginesStartedAsync
Async Version of WaitForEnginesStarted
Public method Static member WaitForStorageReadiness
Fires the call back when TheStorageService is ready for business
Public method Static member WaitForStorageReadinessAsync
Async version of WaitForStorageReadiness


  Name Description
Public property AssociatedPlugin
Returns the the ICDEPLugin of this TheBaseEngine
Public property cdeA
Access Level Mask 0=Everyone; 1=Untrusted Guest; 2=Trusted Guest; 4=Trusted Member1; 8=Trusted Member2; 16=Truested Member3; 32=Senior Member 1; 64=Senior Member 2; 128=Admin;
(Inherited from TheMetaDataBase.)
Public property cdeAVA
Availability of this record The higher this number the higher the availability of this record The Storage Service might store the data in multiple location to ensure maximum availability
(Inherited from TheDataBase.)
Public property cdeCTIM
Timestamp of this class. Will be set to DateTimeOffset.Now on creation of the Class
(Inherited from TheDataBase.)
Public property cdeEXP
Expiration in Seconds of the class If a derived class is stored in a StorageMirror and cdeEXP is set to>0, the StorageMirror will automatically delete this record after the time has passed
(Inherited from TheDataBase.)
Public property cdeF
Feature ID
(Inherited from TheMetaDataBase.)
Public property cdeM
The Cookie or Meta information for this class
(Inherited from TheMetaDataBase.)
Public property cdeMID
Unique Key for the class derived from TheDataBase. this will be used in the StorageService as the Unique Index in the SQL Tables
(Inherited from TheDataBase.)
Public property cdeN
Guid of Hosting Node - new in 4.108: Moved from MetaDataBase to here
(Inherited from TheDataBase.)
Public property cdeO
Owner Guid
(Inherited from TheMetaDataBase.)
Public property cdePRI
Priority of this record. A lower number means a higher priority. Data with higher priority will be retrieved faster than those with lower prio
(Inherited from TheDataBase.)
Public property cdeSEQ
Sequence number
(Inherited from TheMetaDataBase.)
Public property cdeU
User ID owning this resource
(Inherited from TheMetaDataBase.)
Public property EngineState
Gets the Engine State
Public property LastMessage
Gets or sets the last message of an engine


  Name Description
Public event PropertyChanged
Multicast event for property change notifications.
(Inherited from TheBindableBase.)