C-DEngine 5.105

nsCDEngine.Engines Namespace


  Class Description
Public class ConfigPropertyAttribute
Public class DeviceTypeAttribute
Public class EngineAssetInfoAttribute
Public class TheBaseEngine
TheBaseEngine is a class common to all Buidin- and Plugin-Services of the C-DEngine It contains many important methods common to all services This class will be hidden in the future. Please always use the IBaseEngine interface to access public members of this class
Public class TheCDEngines
TheCDEngines is the Plug-in Service manager for all services hosted inside the C-DEngine


  Interface Description
Public interface IBaseEngine
This is the main Interface for Plugin-Service management. It abstracts the MyBaseEngine and should always be used from Plugin-Services instead of directly calling the MyBaseEngine methods.
Public interface ICDENMIPlugin
Required for NMI Runtime Plugin
Public interface ICDEPlugin
The ICDEPlugin interface contains all methods a C-DEngine Plugin-Service has to provide in order to be hosted in the C-DEngine