C-DEngine 5.105

TheThing..::..TheThingSubscription Members

The TheThing..::..TheThingSubscription type exposes the following members.


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Public property AddThingIdentity
Public property ContinueMatching
If no ThingMID is specified, all things that match on ThingAddress.EngineName and the Properties in PropertiesToMatch will be added. If ContinueMatching = false: the match is performed only once and any new things that get created later will not be included If ContinueMatching = true, any new things will get added as they appear.
Public property CooldownPeriod
Public property EventFormat
Public property ExtensionData
Public property ForceAllProperties
If the thing supports the sensor model, only sensors will be consumed (unless otherwise filtered out, i.e. PropertiesToExclude). This flag forces all properties to be considered, not just sensors
Public property IgnoreExistingHistory
Public property IgnorePartialFailure
Public property KeepDurableHistory
Public property MaxHistoryCount
Public property MaxHistoryTime
Public property PartitionKey
Public property PreserveOrder
Public property PropertiesExcluded
Public property PropertiesIncluded
Public property ReplaceExistingThing
Replace any existing entries of ThingMID in the server's list of things. Used for simple cases where exactly one thing is to be exposed in the server (avoids creating/maintaining a cdeMID for the entry).
Public property SamplingWindow
Public property SendInitialValues
Public property SendUnchangedValue
Public property StaticProperties
Public property SubscriptionId
The cdeMID of the subscription In some case a server can expose the same TheThing multiple times, with different configurations, which is why this cdeMID is usually different from the ThingMID.
Public property TargetName
Public property TargetType
Public property TargetUnit
Public property ThingReference
Public property TokenExpirationInHours