C-DEngine 5.105

nsCDEngine.Engines.ThingService Namespace


  Class Description
Public class cdeP
this is the Smart Property Class of C-DEngine managed Things. Each Thing can have zero, one ore more cdeP Properties. They are normally stored in a "PropertyBag" that can be accessed via the plugins or in JavaScript on the Browser side
Public class cdeP..::..TheProviderInfo
Public class cdeP..::..TheSensorMeta
Public class eKnownDeviceTypes
List of internally known Things
Public class eThingEvents
Definition of the built-in Thing Events
Public class eUXEvents
NMI UX Events fired on TheFieldInfo objects
Public class TheEventLogData
Event Login class. This class is the main Event Log object used by the ILoggerEngine interface, TheLoggerFactor and the "NewLogEntry" event fired by the SystemLog
Public class TheHistoryParameters
Public class TheHistoryResponse
Public class TheLoggerFactory
TheLoggerFactory logs events to
Public class ThePluginBase
Base class for C-DEngine plugins
Public class TheRulesFactory
Public interface for integrated rules
Public class TheThing
TheThing is the main control object of the C-DEngine. It is a virtual representation of physical objects, functions, services or storage locations All "Things" in the C-DEngine are managed as TheThings
Public class TheThing..::..IMsgRequest<(Of <(<'T>)>)>
Public class TheThing..::..MsgApplyConfig
Public class TheThing..::..MsgApplyConfigResponse
Public class TheThing..::..MsgApplyPipelineConfig
Public class TheThing..::..MsgApplyPipelineConfigResponse
Public class TheThing..::..MsgBrowseSensors
Public class TheThing..::..MsgBrowseSensorsResponse
Public class TheThing..::..MsgExportConfig
Public class TheThing..::..MsgExportConfigResponse
Public class TheThing..::..MsgGetSensorSubscriptions
Public class TheThing..::..MsgGetSensorSubscriptions<(Of <(<'subscriptionT>)>)>
Public class TheThing..::..MsgGetSensorSubscriptionsResponse
Public class TheThing..::..MsgGetSensorSubscriptionsResponse<(Of <(<'subscriptionT>)>)>
Public class TheThing..::..MsgGetThingSubscriptions
Public class TheThing..::..MsgGetThingSubscriptionsResponse
Public class TheThing..::..MsgSubscribeSensors
Public class TheThing..::..MsgSubscribeSensors<(Of <(<'T>)>)>
Public class TheThing..::..MsgSubscribeSensorsResponse
Public class TheThing..::..MsgSubscribeSensorsResponse<(Of <(<'T>)>)>
Public class TheThing..::..MsgSubscribeToThings
Public class TheThing..::..MsgSubscribeToThings<(Of <(<'TSubscription>)>)>
Public class TheThing..::..MsgSubscribeToThingsResponse
Public class TheThing..::..MsgSubscribeToThingsResponse<(Of <(<'TSubscriptionStatus>)>)>
Public class TheThing..::..MsgUnsubscribeFromThings
Public class TheThing..::..MsgUnsubscribeFromThingsResponse
Public class TheThing..::..MsgUnsubscribeSensors
Public class TheThing..::..MsgUnsubscribeSensorsResponse
Public class TheThing..::..TheConfigurationProperty
Public class TheThing..::..ThePipelineConfiguration
Public class TheThing..::..TheSensorInstancePropertyMeta
Described instance-dependent meta-data about a property, including potential provider info
Public class TheThing..::..TheSensorPropertyMeta
Describes instance independent meta-data about a property, including sensor meta data.
Public class TheThing..::..TheSensorSourceInfo
Captures the information about a sensor as needed by the provider, independent of a particular subscription
Public class TheThing..::..TheSensorSubscription
Public class TheThing..::..TheSensorSubscriptionStatus
Public class TheThing..::..TheSensorSubscriptionStatus<(Of <(<'subscriptionT>)>)>
Public class TheThing..::..TheThingConfiguration
Public class TheThing..::..TheThingProcessorSubscription
Public class TheThing..::..TheThingSubscription
Public class TheThing..::..TheThingSubscriptionStatus
Public class TheThingBase
Base Class for all Things Derived from ICDEThing
Public class TheThingEngine
TheThingEngine of the C-DEngine. Manages and communication with Things
Public class TheThingIdentity
Public class TheThingReference
Public class TheThingRegistry
TheThingRegistry is the central management database for all Things known to this node
Public class TheThingRegistry..::..eOwnerProperties
Public class TheThingRegistry..::..MsgCreateThingRequestV1
Parameters for creating a thing instance of another plug-in.
Public class TheThingRegistry..::..MsgCreateThingResponseV1
Public class TheThingRule


  Interface Description
Public interface ICDELoggerEngine
Interface that has to be implemented by a Plugin that wants to create an event logger
Public interface ICDERulesEngine
Interface for a rules engine
Public interface ICDEThing
The main interface for Things in the C-DEngine. All Things the C-DEngine should know about has to have the ICDEThing Interface
Public interface TheThing..::..IMsgResponse


  Enumeration Description
Public enumeration ePropertyTypes
Avalable Property Types for C-DEngine Things
Public enumeration eRuleTrigger
Triggers for Rules Engine Events
Public enumeration eThrottleKind
Specifies the algorithm for Throttling of SETP calls