C-DEngine 5.105

TheThingSubscription..::..ContinueMatching Property

If no ThingMID is specified, all things that match on ThingAddress.EngineName and the Properties in PropertiesToMatch will be added. If ContinueMatching = false: the match is performed only once and any new things that get created later will not be included If ContinueMatching = true, any new things will get added as they appear.

Namespace:  nsCDEngine.Engines.ThingService
Assembly:  C-DEngine (in C-DEngine.dll)


public Nullable<bool> ContinueMatching { get; set; }
Public Property ContinueMatching As Nullable(Of Boolean)
property Nullable<bool^> ContinueMatching {
	Nullable<bool^> get ();
	void set (Nullable<bool^> value);