C-DEngine 5.105

TheAccessStatistics Properties

The TheAccessStatistics type exposes the following members.


  Name Description
Public property cdeAVA
Availability of this record The higher this number the higher the availability of this record The Storage Service might store the data in multiple location to ensure maximum availability
(Inherited from TheDataBase.)
Public property cdeCTIM
Timestamp of this class. Will be set to DateTimeOffset.Now on creation of the Class
(Inherited from TheDataBase.)
Public property cdeEXP
Expiration in Seconds of the class If a derived class is stored in a StorageMirror and cdeEXP is set to>0, the StorageMirror will automatically delete this record after the time has passed
(Inherited from TheDataBase.)
Public property cdeMID
Unique Key for the class derived from TheDataBase. this will be used in the StorageService as the Unique Index in the SQL Tables
(Inherited from TheDataBase.)
Public property cdeN
Guid of Hosting Node - new in 4.108: Moved from MetaDataBase to here
(Inherited from TheDataBase.)
Public property cdePRI
Priority of this record. A lower number means a higher priority. Data with higher priority will be retrieved faster than those with lower prio
(Inherited from TheDataBase.)
Public property LastUpdate
Public property LoginCounter
Public property PageCounter
Public property RelayNode
Public property RequestCounter
Public property RestartCounter
Public property UserID