C-DEngine 5.105

nsCDEngine.Engines.NMIService Namespace


  Class Description
Public class eNMIEvents
Public class eScreenClass
Predefined screen classes.
Public class nmiChartControl
Propertybag for a ChartControl
Public class nmiConnectivityBlock
Connectivity Block Properties
Public class nmiCtrlAboutButton
Shows the default About Button
Public class nmiCtrlBarChart
This control displays the “Value” property as a vertical or horizontal bar.
Public class nmiCtrlCertPicker
Public class nmiCtrlCheckField
Creates a field of check boxes representing each bit of a numeric value in binary code
Public class nmiCtrlCollapsibleGroup
Wraps all child controls in group that can be collapsed
Public class nmiCtrlComboBox
A Dropdown multiple choice object to select one of many options
Public class nmiCtrlComboLookup
Public class nmiCtrlDateTime
Public class nmiCtrlDrawOverlay
Creates a drawing overlay on an element
Public class nmiCtrlDropUploader
Allows to upload files to the Relay
Public class nmiCtrlEndlessSlider
An endless slider that can be used to increase/decrease a value
Public class nmiCtrlFacePlate
Renders a snippet of HMTL5 in the boundaries of the Tile
Public class nmiCtrlFormTemplate
Public class nmiCtrlFormView
Propertybag generator for NMI Forms
Public class nmiCtrlGauge
Public class nmiCtrlHalfGauge
Public class nmiCtrlHashIcon
Creates a hash-icon from the Value in the control
Public class nmiCtrlIFrameView
Propertybag generator for NMI Forms
Public class nmiCtrlMoTLock
Shows the multi-touch Login
Public class nmiCtrlNumber
Public class nmiCtrlPassword
Public class nmiCtrlPicture
Show an Image
Public class nmiCtrlProgressBar
Shows a progress bar
Public class nmiCtrlPropertyPicker
Public class nmiCtrlShape
A area a shape an be drawn into
Public class nmiCtrlSingleCheck
This control displays a check box with or without checkmark.
Public class nmiCtrlSingleEnded
Base field for all Edit Box based controls
Public class nmiCtrlSmartLabel
Creates a smartlabel/Textoutput field that is a customizable output field
Public class nmiCtrlTableView
Table Control
Public class nmiCtrlTextArea
Multi Line text field
Public class nmiCtrlThingPicker
Public class nmiCtrlTileButton
Control Type: Container Main Button Control of the C-DEngine - it can be used as a container for other controls by setting the ParentFld to the FldOrder of the TileButton Its recommended to set the TileWidth and TileHeight of the Button to set the size. If TW or TH the hight or width is meassured by the controls inside.
Public class nmiCtrlTileEntry
The base wrapper control for Forms and Tables in the NMI
Public class nmiCtrlTileGroup
Control Type: Container allows to group controls together in a Group of elements by setting the ParentFld to the FldOrder of the TileGroup Its recommended to set the TileWidth and TileHeight of the Button to set the size. If TW or TH the height or width is measured by the controls inside
Public class nmiCtrlTouchDraw
Shows an area that can be multitouched and inked on
Public class nmiCtrlUserControl
Helper Class for User Controls
Public class nmiCtrlVideoViewer
A control wrapper playing Videos
Public class nmiCtrlWizard
Public class nmiCtrlYesNo
Displays a YesNo Combobox
Public class nmiDashboard
Public class nmiDashboardTile
Propertybag Creator for Dashboard Tiles
Public class nmiDynamicProperty
Properties for Dynamic
Public class nmiPlatBag
Public class nmiScreen
Public class nmiStandardForm
Properties for Standard Forms
Public class nmiStartingBlock
Start Block properties
Public class TheAccessStatistics
Public class TheChartDefinition
Public class TheChartValueDefinition
Public class TheComboOptions
Options for the NMI Combo Box
Public class TheControlType
Defines Custom control types hosted in Plugin-Services
Public class TheDashboardInfo
Public class TheDashPanelInfo
Public class TheDrawingObject
Public class TheDrawingPoint
Public class TheFieldInfo
Public class TheFieldType
Public class TheFormInfo
Public class TheJSONLoaderDefinition
Public class TheKey
Public class TheNMIBaseControl
All NMI Controls are derived from TheNMIBaseControl
Public class TheNMIEngine
The NMI Engine Main Class
Public class TheNMILocationInfo
NMI Localization information
Public class ThePageBlocks
Public class ThePageBlockTypes
Public class ThePageContent
Public class ThePageDefinition
Public class ThePaymentOptions
Public class ThePointer
Public class ThePropertyBag
ThePropertyBag is a container for dynamic properties of a Thing
Public class TheScreenInfo
TheScreenInfo contains the meta data of a Dashboard (aka Screen) used in the NMI
Public class TheTRF
TRF= Table/Row/Field - a precise location of a Data Item inside a relational Table


  Interface Description
Public interface ICDEMainPage
Interface for a hosting viewers main page


  Enumeration Description
Public enumeration eDefaultView
Displays a "Form" either as Table or as Form
Public enumeration eFieldType
List of all Field(Control)Types of the NMI Engine
Public enumeration eFlag
Enums for flags on Controls
Public enumeration ePaymentTypes