C-DEngine 5.105

nsCDEngine.ViewModels Namespace


  Class Description
Public class cdeConcurrentDictionary<(Of <(<'TKey, TValue>)>)>
Defines a Thread-Safe Concurrent Directory On Silverlight and .NET35 this uses a normal Directory that can be locked with the MyLock object inside this class
Public class eUserRoles
Predefined User Roles. Instances of this class can be use to create new roles.
Public class TheBackupDefinition
Description of a backup file
Public class TheBindableBase
Implementation of [INotifyPropertyChanged] to simplify models.
Public class TheBlobData
Public class TheChannelInfo
TheChannelInfo contains all important information of a Channel (Connection Definition) for the communication
Public class TheChartData
Chart Data to be sent to the NMI
Public class TheChartFactory
Chart Factory for sending Chart Data to the User Interface
Public class TheChartPoint
Definition of a chart point
Public class TheClientInfo
Information about the client making a request
Public class TheDataBase
TheDataBase is the Base Class of all Classes in the C-DEngine that want to participate in the StorageService communication It is always good practice to derive from this class. Many C-DEngine functions do rely on these base properties
Public class TheDeviceMessage
The Device Message is the main message block sent to a JSON based JavaScript client
Public class TheDeviceRegistryData
Information about a given Device the Node runs on
Public class TheDeviceRegistryMini
Information about a given Device the Node runs on
Public class TheDeviceTypeEnum
Helper Class to get all Const Strings in an enum class as an Options List for ComboBoxes
Public class TheDeviceTypeInfo
Definition of a Device Type
Public class TheEngineDeviceTypeInfo
DeviceType of an Engine/Plugin
Public class TheErrorResponse
Typical error response used to reply to a web request with JSON
Public class TheFileInfo
File Description
Public class TheFLDOR
Class defining the overrides for controls in a TheFormInfo (Thing Form)
Public class TheFOR
Class that allows to override Controls in a TheFormInfo
Public class TheMeshInfo
Information about a specific mesh along with details about the node used to request this information.
Public class TheMeshInfoStatus
Helper class for returning a status/error message along with TheMeshInfo
Public class TheMetaDataBase
TheMetaDataBase extends TheDataBase by a string of Meta data that can be passed along with the data You can use this as a cookie The HTML5 C-DEngine can use this for table and form metadata
Public class TheNMILiveTag
Live tags showing a tag in an NMI Screen
Public class TheNMIScene
Public class TheNMIScreen
TheNMIScreen is a container Thing for dynamic controls. Similar to traditional HMIs, NMIScreens can be customized on the fly by end user
Public class TheNodeDiagInfo
Bare minimum details about TheNodeInfo
Public class TheNodeInfoHeader
Mini Info header of a node just telling the most important information
Public class ThePlanarImage
Blob of an image
Public class ThePluginInfo
Public class TheProcessMessage
TheProcessMessage contains all the information that was received from another node
Public class TheRequestData
This structure hold network request and response data. It is used in several places within C-DEngine, including for Http interceptor functions.
Public class TheScreenTrans
Public class TheServiceHostInfo
This is the main configuration class of the C-DEngine hosted as a service inside an application.
Public class TheServiceHostInfoMini
This is the main configuration class of the C-DEngine hosted as a service inside an application.
Public class TheServiceRouteInfo
Status information of a Service Route
Public class TheSessionState
Session state class of C-DEngine connected sessions
Public class TheThingStore
Storage Representation of a TheThing. Can be used in history and log tables
Public class TheTimedCallback
Callback class for Timed callbacks and TSM parameter
Public class TheTimeouts
Various System Timeouts that can be configured
Public class TheUPnPDeviceInfo
This class contains a result found through the UPnP subsystem
Public class TheUserRole
User Role Definition


  Interface Description
Public interface ICDEChartsFactory
Interface to create a charts factory for NMI Chart controls


  Enumeration Description
Public enumeration cdeHostType
The cdeHostType is defining what kind of hosting application is used for the C-DEngine
Public enumeration cdeNodeType
The cdeNodeType tells the C-DEngine what licensing Type is used for this node. Depending on the cdeNodeType certain features of the C-DEngine will be used. This can be for security and for footprint optimization purposes
Public enumeration cdePlatform
Enum for all supported platform the C-DEngine is running on
Public enumeration cdeSenderType
The cdeSenderType impacts how data is transmitted between two nodes
Public enumeration eThingCaps
Public enumeration eWebPlatform
Web Platform the current Request is coming from
Public enumeration FileListStyle