C-DEngine 5.105

TheNMIEngine..::..AddSmartPage Method (TheThing, IBaseEngine, String, String, Boolean, Boolean, Boolean, String, Boolean)

Creats a direct access Page for a given Thing

Namespace:  nsCDEngine.Engines.NMIService
Assembly:  C-DEngine (in C-DEngine.dll)


public static ThePageDefinition AddSmartPage(
	TheThing pBaseThing,
	IBaseEngine pBaseEngine,
	string pPath,
	string pTitle,
	bool pIncludeCDE,
	bool pRequireLogin,
	bool pIsPublic,
	string pNMIPortalTemplate,
	bool DoNotIncludeHeaderButtons
Public Shared Function AddSmartPage ( _
	pBaseThing As TheThing, _
	pBaseEngine As IBaseEngine, _
	pPath As String, _
	pTitle As String, _
	pIncludeCDE As Boolean, _
	pRequireLogin As Boolean, _
	pIsPublic As Boolean, _
	pNMIPortalTemplate As String, _
	DoNotIncludeHeaderButtons As Boolean _
) As ThePageDefinition
static ThePageDefinition^ AddSmartPage(
	TheThing^ pBaseThing, 
	IBaseEngine^ pBaseEngine, 
	String^ pPath, 
	String^ pTitle, 
	bool^ pIncludeCDE, 
	bool^ pRequireLogin, 
	bool^ pIsPublic, 
	String^ pNMIPortalTemplate, 
	bool^ DoNotIncludeHeaderButtons


Type: nsCDEngine.Engines.ThingService..::..TheThing
The Thing and its dashboard or Form that wants to have a direct access page
Type: nsCDEngine.Engines..::..IBaseEngine
The engine that owns the form
Type: String
The path to the new page from the root of the Relay
Type: String
A title of the new page
Type: Boolean
The page requires the C-DEngine runtime. You can also specify static pages that do not require the C-DEngine
Type: Boolean
if set, the page will require a login
Type: Boolean
The page can be accessed from anywhere.
Type: String
By default a smart page is using the NMIPortal Template for the header and footer of the Page. This parameter can be overwritten to point at any other template
Type: Boolean
If set to true, there will be no header navigation button on top of the page. By default the buttons are visible