C-DEngine 5.105

IHttpInterceptor..::..GetScopesFromClientCertificate Method

New in V4.301: Validates a client certificate and returns a list of permitted scopeIDs for the connection request This function is called during the initial ISB Connection

Namespace:  nsCDEngine.Communication
Assembly:  C-DEngine (in C-DEngine.dll)


List<string> GetScopesFromClientCertificate(
	TheRequestData pReq
Function GetScopesFromClientCertificate ( _
	pReq As TheRequestData _
) As List(Of String)
List<String^>^ GetScopesFromClientCertificate(
	TheRequestData^ pReq


Type: nsCDEngine.ViewModels..::..TheRequestData
TheRequestData containing the Client Certificate

Return Value

A list of permitted Easy ScopeIDs. Returns an empty list if access is denied or no scopes are configured