C-DEngine 5.105

nsCDEngine.Communication Namespace


  Class Description
Public class ParsedMessage
Public class TheCommCore
TheCommCore class is the static base class for communication related functions
Public class TheCommRequestResponse
TheCommRequestResponse class has helper methods for request/response style messaging on top of the core messaging system: The "...Json" methods let you send requests and responses as TSM messages with JSON payload, using serialized .Net classes as the message contract for both request and response messages: - Serialized instances are used as the TSM.PLS payload - The class name is used for the TSM.TXT field, appending a unique correlation id (Guid, in stream form, seperated by a ":" character) to facilitate matching responses to requests. - The response gets a TSM.TXT with the original message name and a "_RESPONSE" suffix, as well as the ":" separated correlation id or the original message. PublishRequestJsonAsync<inputT, outputT>: Sends a TSM and waits for a response TSM. ParseRequestMessageJSON<inputT>: Used by the recipient of the request to obtain the message payload PublishResponseMessageJson<responseT> These methods let you send requests and responses using arbitrary TXT, PLS, message names. Response TSMs are assumed to have a _RESPONSE suffix. PublishRequestAsync PublishRequestAndParseResponseAsync PublishResponseMessage These methods provide the same functionality as the *Async methods, but offer a callback instead of using Tasks: PublishRequestCallback PublishRequestJsonCallback ParseRequestOrResponseMessage: can be used by the recipient of a TSM to parse the message name and correlation id.
Public class TheISBConnect
ISB Connect is used for Multi-Scoping connection to other meshes
Public class TheISBRequest
Base class of ISBRequest information
Public class TheMessageAddress
Indicates a Thing or engine to where a message can be sent.
Public class TheQueuedSenderRegistry
TheQueuedSenderRegistry is a class that manages all Sending and Receive connections to other nodes. In the heart of TheQueuedSenderRegistry is a StorageMirror that contains all current active connections.
Public class TheREST
C-DEngine REST Methods


  Interface Description
Public interface IHttpInterceptor
the IHttpInterceptor Interface allows plugins to inject code into the HTTP Processing Path in order to parse special resources.


  Enumeration Description
Public enumeration eHttpStatusCode
HTTP Status Code