C-DEngine 5.105

TheFormInfo Members

The TheFormInfo type exposes the following members.


  Name Description
Public method AddOrUpdatePlatformBag
Public method Clone
Public method CloneBase
Clonse an incoming object into this object
(Inherited from TheDataBase.)
Public method CloneTo
Clones the metadata of the current class to a new class provided to the method
(Inherited from TheMetaDataBase.)
Public method DeleteByOrder
Removes a field by its order Number
Public method DoesWildContentMatch
return true if the pWildcard is found in the object class
Public method Equals(System.Object) (Inherited from Object.)
Protected method Finalize (Inherited from Object.)
Public method FireEvent
Fire an Event on a property
(Inherited from TheDataBase.)
Public method GetByOrder
Return a field of a Form by the order number
Public method GetHashCode (Inherited from Object.)
Public method GetLocalizedForm
Public method GetType (Inherited from Object.)
Public method IsEventRegistered
Returns true if the requested eThingEvents has registered callbacks
(Inherited from TheDataBase.)
Protected method MemberwiseClone (Inherited from Object.)
Public method NotifyMirror
If called from a derived class and the class was stored in a StorageMirror, this method will call the "NotifyOfUpdate" method in the StorageMirror to inform all Notification Clients that this record has changed. This is VERY Expensive! Do not call too often! This does not work with StorageMirrors that require a PostSalt (unique table name)
(Inherited from TheDataBase.)
Protected method OnPropertyChanged (Inherited from TheBindableBase.)
Public method RegisterEvent
Register a callback that will be fired on a Property Event
(Inherited from TheDataBase.)
Public method RegisterEvent2
Register a callback that will be fired on a Property Event
(Inherited from TheDataBase.)
Public method Reload(TheProcessMessage, Boolean)
Reloads TheFormInfo if the userID in TheProcessMessage has the permission to the data in TheFormInfo
Public method Reload(TheProcessMessage, Boolean, Guid)
Reloads TheFormInfo if the userID in TheProcessMessage has the permission to the data in TheFormInfo
Public method Reload(TheProcessMessage, Guid, Boolean)
Reloads a form on a custom Dashboard
Protected method SetProperty``1 (Inherited from TheBindableBase.)
Public method SetUXProperty
Public method ToString (Inherited from Object.)
Public method UnregisterEvent
Unregister a previously registered callback
(Inherited from TheDataBase.)
Public method UnregisterEvent2
Unregister a previously registered callback
(Inherited from TheDataBase.)


  Name Description
Public property AddACL
Public property AddButtonText
Public property AddFlags
Retired - User AddOrUpdatePlatBag() instead Binary Flags for the Add Button: 1=Show On Relay (HideAddButton) 2=Show in Cloud (AllowAddOnAllNodes) 4 =Hide from Mobile (HideAdd) 8 = 16= 32= 64= 128=Only Show if user is on first node(RequireFirstNodeForAdd)
Public property AddTemplateType
Public property AssociatedClassName
Public property cdeA
Access Level Mask 0=Everyone; 1=Untrusted Guest; 2=Trusted Guest; 4=Trusted Member1; 8=Trusted Member2; 16=Truested Member3; 32=Senior Member 1; 64=Senior Member 2; 128=Admin;
(Inherited from TheMetaDataBase.)
Public property cdeAVA
Availability of this record The higher this number the higher the availability of this record The Storage Service might store the data in multiple location to ensure maximum availability
(Inherited from TheDataBase.)
Public property cdeCTIM
Timestamp of this class. Will be set to DateTimeOffset.Now on creation of the Class
(Inherited from TheDataBase.)
Public property cdeEXP
Expiration in Seconds of the class If a derived class is stored in a StorageMirror and cdeEXP is set to>0, the StorageMirror will automatically delete this record after the time has passed
(Inherited from TheDataBase.)
Public property cdeF
Feature ID
(Inherited from TheMetaDataBase.)
Public property cdeM
The Cookie or Meta information for this class
(Inherited from TheMetaDataBase.)
Public property cdeMID
Unique Key for the class derived from TheDataBase. this will be used in the StorageService as the Unique Index in the SQL Tables
(Inherited from TheDataBase.)
Public property cdeN
Guid of Hosting Node - new in 4.108: Moved from MetaDataBase to here
(Inherited from TheDataBase.)
Public property cdeO
Owner Guid
(Inherited from TheMetaDataBase.)
Public property cdePRI
Priority of this record. A lower number means a higher priority. Data with higher priority will be retrieved faster than those with lower prio
(Inherited from TheDataBase.)
Public property cdeSEQ
Sequence number
(Inherited from TheMetaDataBase.)
Public property cdeU
User ID owning this resource
(Inherited from TheMetaDataBase.)
Public property DefaultView
Public property defDataSource
SourceType;:;MaxRecords;:;SortOrder (true=descending);:;Filter;:;PageNumber
Public property FormFields
Public property FormTitle
Public property GetFromFirstNodeOnly
Public property GetFromServiceOnly
Public property HeadlineImagePath
Public property IsAlwaysEmpty
Public property IsLiveData
Public property IsNotAutoLoading
Public property IsPostingOnSubmit
Public property IsReadOnly
Public property IsUsingAbsolute
Public property ModelID
Define a ModelID for a Form to apply a PropertyBag Transform using TheFOR (The FormOverRide)
Public property OrderBy
Public property OwnerEngine
Public property PropertyBag
Public property RowTemplateType
Public property TableReference
Public property TargetElement
Public property TileHeight
Public property TileWidth


  Name Description
Public event PropertyChanged
Multicast event for property change notifications.
(Inherited from TheBindableBase.)