C-DEngine 5.105

TheActivationKeyGenerator..::..GenerateActivationKey Method

Generated an activation key for the target deviceid.

Namespace:  nsCDEngine.ActivationKey
Assembly:  C-DEngine (in C-DEngine.dll)


public static string GenerateActivationKey(
	Guid deviceId,
	string signingKey,
	DateTime Expiration,
	TheLicense[] licenses,
	List<TheLicenseParameter> activationKeyParameters,
	ActivationFlags flags
Public Shared Function GenerateActivationKey ( _
	deviceId As Guid, _
	signingKey As String, _
	Expiration As DateTime, _
	licenses As TheLicense(), _
	activationKeyParameters As List(Of TheLicenseParameter), _
	flags As ActivationFlags _
) As String
static String^ GenerateActivationKey(
	Guid^ deviceId, 
	String^ signingKey, 
	DateTime^ Expiration, 
	array<TheLicense^>^ licenses, 
	List<TheLicenseParameter^>^ activationKeyParameters, 
	ActivationFlags^ flags


Type: Guid
Identifier of the cdeEngine node that is to be activated with the activation key.
Type: String
Symmetric key (arbitrary string) used to sign the activation key. The same key must be provided on the runtime node.
Type: DateTime
Expiration date of the activation key. Licenses and entitlements activated using this key will cease to be valid after this date.
Type: array<TheLicense>[]()[][]
Note: values in the License.LicenseParameters property will be included in the activation key and added to the values in the license at activation time. This means that often you will want to set these values to 0 if the license already contains non-zero default paremeters.
Type: List<(Of <(<'TheLicenseParameter>)>)>
Additional parameters (typically entitlements for thing instances) to be unlocked with this activation key.
Type: nsCDEngine.Activation..::..ActivationFlags
Flags requesting additional activation key behavior.

Return Value