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Chris Muench
Chris Muench
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It is easier for the thermostat to speak to the cloud than provide an inbound connection that has to be reached through a firewall. But you don't want to have the fridge and the thermostat ONLY talk to each other through the cloud - because if your router goes down your house stops being smart.

Even worse for industrial environment - you cannot rely on any internet connection (just yet). And connecting thousands of sensors to the cloud is not feasible and will soon lead to an overload of your outbound router. Not to mention the heart-attack of your IT department seeing all this outbound traffic from "unknown devices".

The solutions comes from smart gateways, smart routers and other "relays" that sit at home (or in the factory) and a work as "Protocol Translators" between the Bocci of the Fridge and the Hundi of the thermostat. If you will your own private C3PO. These translators are streaming on the market for home automation as we speak (Revolv, Lowes Iris, the Stable Connect hub or and our Home-Relay.com).
In factories you will see a similar movement towards these IoT gateways and relays like our Factory-Relay.com.

You will also see a shift away from the $39/month to a build-in cloud subscription (at least that is what we do) to lower the entry point to the IoT. And - as the last and main argument for the Relays is that YOU should own the data - not some cloud operator. If they want to have access to your data, YOU should be able to sell your data to them - not them giving YOU access to YOUR data by making you sign up for a cloud service account with them.

The IoT is just ramping up! You will see a lot of movement in this space - and in my mind - connecting everything to the cloud is the wrong way. Using the cloud as a smart extension, is the right way. Be it for extended reach-ability while off-site or enhanced services such as machine learning and big-data analytics.

Chris Muench
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