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Chris Muench
Chris Muench
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This is what I commented on LinkedIn:
Great article! One statement I would have made differently: All these "competing" standard will have to play and work together in the IoT! There will not be only one protocol of the IoT but many! And this is part of the power AND beauty of the IoT.

I like the statement that 10x connection provide 100x in value. That is another very powerful value proposition of the IoT.

Also, I still don't believe that a solution is IoT if it only connects devices to the internet or cloud. The internet is only an extension to IoT clusters. I.e. a Home-Automation System or thermostat should function even if the connection to the internet is down. Only if you want to change or monitor from OUTSIDE the home, you have to use the Internet. As long as you are home, your mobile devices should participate in the IoT (cluster) of the home and connect directly - possibly using a hub that bridges all those "competing" protocols.

Chris Muench
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